History Nerd Alert

February 24, 2009

AdamsSo, Lara and I spent a good part of our weekend watching an amazing HBO mini-series, John Adams. For all you history buffs out there (namely, Jonathan Hayward and my Dad) you have to check it out.  And even if you’re not, it’s a really great show.  It exposes all the complexities, excitement, and intrigue involved in America’s fight for independence, as well as telling the story of a largely unsung hero of American history: John Adams.  Paul Giamatti is incredible in this role, full of brilliance, bluster, and wig-wearing prowess.  Laura Linney (one of my favorite actresses) is incredibly compelling as well as his wife, Abigail Adams, a source of calm strength and a wellspring of sound advice to her famous husband.  The supporting cast is fantastic as well, and it’s so exciting and interesting to see dusty historical figures like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Ben Franklin brought to vibrant life.

If you’re looking for a good way to spend an evening, this is it.


2 Responses to “History Nerd Alert”

  1. jhistorian said

    Yes! I love this series, and own it on DVD. I’ve already seen it around 3-4 times…it is truly amazing. Laura Linney did a fantastic job, as did the entire cast. The guy who played Thomas Jefferson captured him perfectly…for all we know about Jefferson, that is probably how he would have acted.

    Yeah, I’m a big fan of this series…and could probably talk about it for hours, haha.

  2. Wow, this is not the blog for me to post a comment… You mention the complexities added to the characters. I think the series went out of its way to make them all overly flawed.

    Some of them seemed downright weird. Anyway, if you want a contrary view of the series (I very much enjoyed the book) here is my take on it:


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