A delinquent blogger makes a humble return

April 24, 2009

So I’ve been lazy lately, and I haven’t blogged.  I’m sorry. :(

But now I’m back!  And I shall endeavor to be more regular.  Since it’s been so long since my last post, it’s only right to update everyone on the latest major events in my life.

Last weekend, Lara and I went to the beautiful and moving wedding of Michael Conrad and Carly Allen (though they’re both Conrads now), in which I had the honor of being a groomsman.  It was all the way out in Paducah, Kentucky, which was quite the trip, let me tell you.  It was unfortunately made much more stressful because my wife (who, I reassure myself, does know who I am) put my nickname on my plane reservation, instead of my legal name.

The customer service agent at Southwest whom I called the night before we were to leave told me, flat-voiced, that there was nothing they could do; federal regulation prohibits them from changing the name on a reservation, they could get fined thousands of dollars, blah, blah.  Basically, I was screwed.  I turned to Lara, and I said, “I don’t think I’m going to be able to go to this wedding.”  She, of course, started crying.  I wasn’t too happy myself.

But we decided to give it a shot anyway, and just drive down there and see if we can weasel our way onto the plane, praying (hard) that God would send airport angels to get us through.  We arrive at the Southwest Terminal, wait through the endless line,  and I go up to the service agent, and explain my ordeal. She looks at me, asks for the paperwork, looks it up on the network, and says, “Hm.  Let me just see.”  She types, I’m not kidding here, probably 10 buttons.  And then hands me our tickets.  With my name changed the way it should be.  And the rest of the reservation changed, so we’ll have no problem on the rest of the trip.

Thank you, airport angel!

So we arrive in beautiful Nashville Tennessee, for me to spend the rest of the night at a bachelor party for Michael.  Which was wonderful, and absolutely perfect for Michael’s personality.  We began the night at a classy restaurant that brews its own amazing beer; then retired to “Old World Leaf and Ale”  for great cigars, all the micro-brews you could possible want, and comfy leather chairs in our own private lounge; and then proceeded to Michael’s apartment where we played board games, ate beef jerky, and prayed for the man.  A great, great night.

We took off the next morning for Paducah.  It was a gorgeous drive through the Kentucky countryside: crisp spring air, deep green farmland, and the best gospel and folk music on the radio I’ve heard in a long time.

The wedding was beautiful.  Outside in Carly’s parents backyard, which was surrounded by woods and studded with dogwood trees in full bloom.  Michael (being the amazing carpenter man that he his) built the bower that they were married under, which was adorned with flowers.  Lara was their photographer, and she’s got some beautiful pictures up on her blog, if you’re interested.  It was so great to see all my old friends, and meet some great new ones.  But then, sadly, it was time to go home.

The other major news is that I auditioned for a play on Wednesday.  This shouldn’t be big news, but in a town the size of Santa Barbara there really aren’t auditions that often, especially ones available to me.  It’s for a play with the Virtual Theatre Company, in association with SBCC, called The Trial.  It’s an adaptation of Franz Kafka’s short story, done originally by a German theatre-maker.  It’s a very interesting play, it would be a lot a lot of fun to do.  Callbacks are Monday, so we’ll see. :)

It’s kind of funny, something’s been happening over the last several weeks that hasn’t happened in a long time: I have too many theatre opportunities.  I’m acting with Lit Moon, I’ve got my own play to write and produce, I’m auditioning for this play, and I also am working some other actor friends of mine on perhaps directing another play.  I usually have far too few theatrical opportunities, and now I suddenly find myself worrying about having too many things to do.  Ironic, but in a good way.

Well, I promise to keep you all better informed as things progress.   Till then, take care!


2 Responses to “A delinquent blogger makes a humble return”

  1. Johnathan Hayward said

    Glad that you have too much to do rather than too little…all of those theatre prospects sound exciting!

  2. I “of course” started crying?! Ugh! I can’t help my sensitivity! I was sad you wouldn’t get to go with me. :(


    Ps. I love you. Blog more.

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